Functional Needs Registry

The Functional Needs Registry module helps state and local governments identify and assist individuals with functional/special needs during an evacuation. It is an efficient way to catalog individuals and their needs, map the evacuation area, and deploy the essential resources.

The software provides the user with the ability to report which individuals need assistance based on the geographic nature of the incident.

Key features

The following are a few features available with the Functional Needs Registry:

  • Allows authorized users to review and update data from an online interface.
  • Annually e-mails individuals and facilities to update their information.
  • Locates needed resource information through an advanced search engine, using such criteria as name, municipality, geography, or condition.
  • Provides an online survey system for individuals and support facilities and allows rapid survey entry for administrators.
  • Identifies people who need assistance via the GIS mapping capability.
  • Ensures only authorized use through an enhanced security module.

Resource Management System (RMS)

The Total Visibility Resource Management System (RMS) has a powerful yet easy-to-use searching capability that rapidly locates the appropriate resources.

The ability to associate resources provides for quick drill-down navigation to any of the connected resources.

An advanced resource classification is combined with National Incident Management System (NIMS) resource typing to quickly categorize, find, and deploy resources.

An adaptable security model, combined with Internet accessibility, allows remote users to enter, update, and deploy their own resources as necessary. A team of Emergency Preparedness and Information Technology experts work together to create emergency plans and the IT applications necessary to execute them, providing complete emergency management and preparedness solutions.

Key features

The following are a few features available with the Resource Management System:

  • Provides NIMS resource typing compliance Sends automatic e-mail notifications to request periodic updates.
  • Maps resources to aid in locating and deploying resources.
  • Allows multilevel access by municipal, county, regional, state, and federal users.
  • Tracks personnel qualifications and medical information with ease.
  • Stores resource file attachments and images.
  • Supports Strategic National Stockpile (SNS).
  • Point of Dispensing (POD).
  • Planning response Offers an integrated procurement module that tracks resources back to their funding source.

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