Staff Supplementation

The greatest challenge faced by IT managers is locating and leveraging IT resources to fill the gaps in skills, knowledge, and bandwidth. Acclaim helps you to maximize IT resources by providing highly qualified professionals to fulfill your additional IT manpower needs. Eliminating the personnel obstacles of our clients helps improve their productivity and reach technology goals quickly.

Four essential qualities possessed by every Acclaim employee include:

  • Ambition
  • Technical Expertise
  • I.Q. and
  • Business Judgment

In a value chain where demand is expected to outstrip supply for the foreseeable future, Acclaim employs one of the most rigorous recruiting methodologies in IT. We harnesses the power of people, process and technology to identify not only individuals who possess the technical qualifications to perform a specific assignment, but also those who possess the soft skills that enable them to add value as a fully functioning member of our team.

Information Technology Services

Acclaim service offerings are developed around a model that supports the client's IT environment in every phase: consulting & design, development, acquisition & deployment, operation & support, and enhancement & migration. Our IT services are available for both full service projects and contract service requests. All Acclaim services and solutions are focused on maximizing end-user productivity, reducing risks associated with migrating to new technologies, and minimizing total cost of ownership. Acclaim’s goal is to provide the most consistent, flexible, timely, and highest quality services possible at the most efficient cost.


Acclaim professionals are trained and certified in the latest technologies, and possess a critical combination of business intelligence, hands-on experience and networking expertise. We integrate our management, processes, technical services and tools with our client to address their migration and/or development needs.

Staffing and Resources

The ability to create our own resources is one of our greatest strengths. It allows us to react very quickly to client requirements. Acclaim’ professionals are fully trained to manage the design, planning, installation and support of information technology solutions. We utilize our exclusive processes and methodologies to completely and confidently respond to the complex demands of enterprise solutions.